Strong Faith

Strong Faith: Ladies Bible Study

Tuesdays at 10am: Walk~Talk~Pray!  

Ladies are invited to join us for a comfortably paced 2-mile walk while discussing the weekly Bible Study. Review the study materials each week & meet at Airline Trail Pomfret (13 Railroad Ave, Pomfret) on Tuesdays at 10am for a time of Bible study discussion, encouragement, & prayer. This study is open to any women who may be interested, so please invite your sisters and girlfriends! If you can't meet up on Tuesday mornings, consider gathering a few friends and start up your own walking Bible study (see below for the weekly lesson).

Contact Renee with any questions & to be put on the weekly email list:

Dear Ladies,

I'm inviting you ladies to do, join me for a walking Bible study. You're probably wondering how something like that works. Each week I send an email with a passage to read and questions to help you dig deeper into those words . Some of those questions are up for open discussion, ones that I could ask of anyone at any time. They're intended to shape our discussion along the trail. Some of them are intensely personal, designed to help you understand where you may find room to grow. Those personal questions are meant to stay between you and God, but recognize that they may bring up thoughts and concerns that you do want to share with the other ladies. It's your call. Our discussion goes where the Holy Spirit leads it to go. We just need to trust that God will not allow us to stray or cause our conversation to be hurtful to the others in the group.

     We will meet every Tuesday morning in Pomfret at the old railroad station that serves as the trail head for the Airline trail near where 44 and 169 meet. Start time is 10 o'clock. As we walk along the trail we'll turn our study over to the Holy Spirit and see where He takes us.

     This study is open to any interested woman. If you're not able to make it on Tuesday mornings don't feel like you can't still participate. It's absolutely OK to take those lessons and make them your own. Grab a few friends and your own corner of the world and trust God to lead the way.

Love, as always,  Renée

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